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G’s is one of the largest growers of salads and vegetables in Europe. It has operations in the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Senegal and the USA. The company has seed-to-shelf capability, growing, harvesting, packing, and shipping fresh produce to all major supermarkets in the UK and many across Europe. Helix helped G’s to re‐design their leadership and management training and development, with ACL as its central theme.


  • Training programmes run from 3 days for shift and team leaders to 15 months for more senior leaders.
  • Programmes have been run in Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech and Spanish.
  • Modular programmes include Health and Wellbeing, Finance, Continuous Improvement, Change modules plus 1:1 coaching.
  • Since 2013 more than 240 managers and supervisors have completed programmes.


  • Return on investment research indicated that Helix training has contributed to:
    • Cost savings of circa £1.2million
    • Net margins (e.g. improving in one business area from ≤5% to 9%)
    • Reductions in early leavers (seasonal staff)
    • Staff engagement improvements (internal staff survey)
    • Better cross-functional relationships, collaboration and interaction
    • Increased understanding of finance and numbers
    • Stronger teams
    • Better team dynamics
    • More effective appraisals and performance reviews

    ‘ACL Leadership training has effectively supported the development of leaders and managers acrossthe International Group and is easily adopted by all, irrespective of  levels of experience and responsibility. The three-tier programme has connected colleagues across the Group, created a shared understanding of Leadership in G’s and introduced effective management techniques’. Beverly Dixon, Group HR Director.

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G’s Fresh

As the business has grown, so too has the need for a more formalised and robust approach to managing performance.




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