Leadership & Management Development Programmes

Tailored programmes from 3 days to 18 months – designed to meet the needs of your leaders.
We run programmes for leaders at all levels; from junior supervisors and team leaders to heads of department and board members.

A common leadership language

is hugely beneficial in an organisation helping everyone communicate effectively with each other – from the new team leader to senior management.

We use John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership™ as a core framework on programmes for its practical approach to leadership.

We use coaching, regular support from our trainers and business-based projects to facilitate learning.


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A modular structure

over several months allows you to fit training and development activity with the demands of running a business. Participants learn by doing; testing their people skills, trying new techniques and approaches, responding to feedback, and growing in confidence.

Tailoring content to your needs is easy

with our modular approach. Example modules include persuasion, influence and priorities, performance management, leading change, and commercial skills.

Long Term Value

it is vital that a development programme results in participants making sustained behavioural changes back in the workplace. We work hard at this element and encourage genuine support from line managers and senior management beyond the end of a programme.

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