Helix is truly impressive. They provided an organic and immediately effective engagement for Electrochaea’s management team facing the dual challenges of 50% personnel growth and rapidly evolving markets on two continents, and with an escape from the Covid world uncertain. As a small company built over 7 years by two strong-willed managing directors and a historically intimate management process, Helix held a mirror to our team’s inner workings and guided us to provide a realistic vision of how we would really need to operate to succeed in the future we are striving to create. An insightful process delivering more rapid progress than we imagined. The result is meeting our personnel and market growth goals, hiring the right management talent, handling significantly more challenges with less stress, and delivering clear progress on our commercial goals and team dynamics.  And, remarkably, a holiday and some weekends off for the management team!

Mich Hein,
CEO & MD – Electrochaea

ACL Leadership training has effectively supported the development of leaders and managers across the International Group and is easily adopted by all, irrespective of levels of experience and responsibility. The three-tier programme has connected colleagues across the Group, created a shared understanding of Leadership in G’s and introduced effective management techniques

Beverly Dixon,
Group Human Resources Director – G’s Fresh Limited

The mentoring training was] thoroughly enjoyable, interesting, and informative – very much looking forward to applying these learnings and put them into practice as a mentor. Steve and the team are open and approachable in their style, share information in a clear and easy to understand manner, offering insightful and constructive observations and feedback.

Nick Purnell,
Head of Corporate Communications – Pilgrims UK

Very interesting course on communication skills which is key to personal and professional life. Soft skills and use of correct language is so important, and I’ll use it to improve my communication skills. Jane was excellent, she gave so many good examples that connect to real life scenarios at work, gave many useful insights and ideas for effective communication that I need to practice.

Harpreet Saini, 
Director – Astex Parmaceuticals (UK)