Organisational Development Consultancy 

We get to know organisations well and clients often use us in an advisory capacity when making decisions about strategy, people and processes.

Examples of what we do:

Leadership and development strategy

Helping clients to develop robust, flexible strategies for developing employees – now and in the future.

Organisational structure

Alongside our development programmes, we work with clients to make sure that their organisation is appropriately structured, with systems and procedures aligned to ensure success.


Managing change

This is a common organisational issue; good ideas not fully adopted by the organisation, and change not fully implemented. We help organisations to overcome these development challenges.


Communication strategy

Poor internal communication can demotivate staff and result in inconsistent messages leaking out to customers. We can help you to optimise your communication with your employees, your peers and your customers.

Performance management systems

We help organisations design appropriate systems and train staff to use them to improve both performance and levels of motivation.

Teamwork Helix-Consultancy

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