Organisational Development Consultancy 

Consultancy – Learning & Development and HR Strategy

We get to know the businesses we work with very well and often work in an advisory role. We specialise in organisational development, focussing on management strategies that clearly link business performance with the development of staff.

Examples of what we do:

Leadership development strategy

Helping clients to develop robust, flexible strategies for developing employees - now and in the future.

Organisational development

Alongside our development programmes, we work with clients to make sure that their organisation is appropriately structured, with systems and procedures aligned to ensure success.

HR strategy

We work with clients to ensure they have appropriate policies in place for areas such as recruitment, promotion and reward systems, grievance and disciplinary action. We then help line management to understand and work with those policies on a day to day basis.

Managing change

This is a common organisational issue; good ideas not fully adopted by the organisation, and change not fully implemented. We help organisations to overcome these development challenges.

Communication strategy

It is not uncommon for organisations to struggle with poor internal communication, often leading to demotivated staff, and inconsistent messages leaking out to customers. We can help you to optimise your communication with your employees, your peers and your customers.

Employee engagement

To bring employees together, collectively working towards shared business goals and targets.

Performance management systems

We work with organisations to design appropriate systems and to help managers and employees to use these systems to improve both performance and levels of motivation. Organisational development at its best.


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