The (Helix leadership) programme has brought about a desire to work cross functionally in a way not in evidence before. As a result, it is allowing people to share their ideas and best practice. 

Jeremy Stevenson,
Marketing Director - Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Ltd

The Action Centred Leadership model has stood the test of time and remains an excellent model around which management and leadership programmes can be developed. Our participants in this (Helix Consultancy) programme are from 5 different countries at both senior and junior level and they all have found the principles to be particularly enlightening. We are about half way through the programme and we are already seeing significant progress form the individuals involved. If either or both of the projects that are spanning the programme are introduced, the programmes will have more than paid from themselves and, more importantly, delivered a strategic initiative.

Peter England,
Vice President HR - BioFocus

Our training requirements were somewhat specialised and the Helix Consultancy spent a lot of time with us to fully understand what we were looking to achieve. The attention to detail, and tailoring of the training to meet our business needs, exceeded my expectations. The Helix trainer had a solid knowledge of the insurance industry and delivered an excellent training course across our three locations. The Helix team is on hand as we embed the skills and techniques learnt.

Business Quality Manager,
- HSBC Insurance (UK) Ltd

Stimulating and motivating - I found the Helix Consultancy's approach to management training gave me the tools to address management issues that I can put into everyday use.

Guy Holmes,
Managing Director - Laser 2000.

I was impressed with the amount of time and energy Helix spent on getting to know our organisation, culture, ethos and management style.  The Helix proposals were put together in collaboration with us and with clear outcomes in mind.  The delivery was as promised and their follow up approach was a breath of fresh air - Helix are a company really interested in the outcomes of their interventions rather than achieving a quick sale.  I found it particularly helpful to have an external professional with insight with whom I could discuss the immediate impact, medium term evaluation and longer term next steps in our change management programme.

Nicola Graver,
Human Resources Director - Bourn Hall Ltd

All Helix consultants have shown a genuine interest in both the needs of the business and the people they are working with. They are open to feedback and their continuing enthusiasm and ideas have provided the Learning and Development Team with a source of inspiration. Their support and advice has been hugely appreciated.

Amanda Lowe,
HR / Learning and Development Strategy - Ofgem

(The trainer) managed to deliver the programme at exactly the right level for retail managers in the highly competitive charity sector. He understood the dilemmas and pressures they face. This training provides an excellent platform for further development.

Neil Pilling,
Area Manager - Oxfam

The team away day .... left us feeling positive and energised and the effects have been much more useful and long lasting than any other team building event I have attended. 

Head of Procurement,

Over the last 2 years The Helix Consultancy has run leadership programmes for our Executive and Management teams. These programmes have had a very positive impact on both teams, bringing us closer together, and increasing our ability to constructively challenge each other, helping us make better decisions more quickly.

Steve Read and his team of associates have gained a thorough understanding of our business, and made us have a good look at ourselves and our strategy. Their ability to question and challenge us has been influential in our recent re-launch, and has helped us define the brighter future that we see for The Cambridge.

Stephen Mitcham,
Chief Executive - Cambridge Building Society

Steve was hired by the Cambridge Building Society to help develop the Executive Leadership team through a series of workshops and individual support. Having been on many theoretical courses I was interested to see what he could bring to the table and what difference it would really make to the team and myself. 

His in-depth knowledge and ability to get to the real issues of leadership have resulted in me reappraising who I am and how I work towards delivering what is important to the business and me. This has also been enhanced by Steve's obvious enthusiasm and his genuine desire to see people succeed.

At the end of the training I have grown into a more confident manager who understands what "leadership" is really about and would also count Steve as one of the most important professionals to work with me and the Society. As a team we are very driven, focused and get the best out of each other within an open and honest culture.

If you want to improve business performance through effective teams he will make a significant and positive impact. I would highly recommend giving him a call.

Head of Corporate Affairs & Secretary,
- Cambridge Building Society

Steve ran a 2 year managers training course in which I took part. I was challenged throughout and found the experience enlightening. Steve was my coach and I found these sessions to be highly valuable, insightful and stimulating. I would recommend Steve and his team again and again.

Richard Gordon,
Senior Director - BioFocus

I highly recommend Steve as a very motivated, expressive and effective leadership trainer and coach. I thoroughly enjoyed a tailored leadership programme run by Steve and The Helix Consultancy at BioFocus, it has given me a new perspective on management and leadership in a team based environment. Steve's training style was open, honest and always relevant to our working environment. 

If you are thinking about leadership training, I strongly recommend giving Steve a call.

Omar Aziz,
Team Leader - BioFocus

Our recent team day was one of the best I have been on; a really good mix of the theory of effective teams in the morning and then putting that into practice in the afternoon with Live the City which was great fun, and I also learnt a lot about Cambridge in the process!

Amy Budd,
HR Advisor - AVEVA Solutions Ltd

It was an excellent training session giving us plenty of food for thought and progression. The cookery school was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole team where we could work together outside of a business environment and add value to both our relationships and effectiveness in the workplace.

Joy Murr,
Facilities Manager - AVEVA Solutions Ltd

The Helix Consultancy has been helping Scotsdales with a number of projects and initiatives, and their input continues to be beneficial. Helix’s direct, no-nonsense approach really suits our business, and we’re seeing some great results.

Caroline Owen,
Managing Director – Scotsdales

The training has been a great success.  Not only did our staff enjoy it, but it has increased their awareness of the importance of good customer service, and improved their confidence to manage the customer through to a sale.  We’ll be doing more of this in partnership with Helix.

Jonathan Savage,
Outdoor Plant Manager

The trainer’s style and approach on presentation skills was just right and helped to build on the team’s self confidence. The session was well received by everyone attending.

Hilary Wright,
Head of Group HR - AVEVA

The Helix Consultancy understands our business, and can tailor the course to the needs of the participants whether this be customer facing, internal, formal or informal. The standard of presenting within the business is constantly increasing with less reliance on slides and projectors.

Paula Parker
Training & Development Manager - AVEVA


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