Customer Service Training - Scotsdales Garden Centres 


The business has grown organically and staff turnover has been low. This has resulted in a strong company culture, loyal staff, and a high degree of expert knowledge in each department. Staff however were not always confident to help customers, particularly outside their area of expertise. In the light of increased competition in the market, Scotsdales wanted to improve customer care in-store and give staff the confidence to proactively approach, help and sell to customers.



A simple staff survey was completed which gathered views on customer service in general, ranking the service provided by Scotsdales and it’s competitors, plus ideas for improvement.

This data formed the starting point for discussions at one day workshops attended by all staff. This covered listening, questioning and selling skills, in-store practice approaching and talking to customers, plus a key session on customer care.



  • Staff feel more confident to approach and proactively manage their customers' journeys through the store
  • Selling is seen more positively
  • Higher levels of customer service are now in evidence.

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