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Welcome to our help page. We’re focussing here on the three training issues we are most often asked about; leadership skills, presentation skills and time management. We have included some tried and tested tips and links to Helix services which we hope will help you further.

Leadership Skills

We are not all born with natural leadership capability and people skills. Many people are promoted into management and leadership positions simply because of their performance in a technical role, which can result in too much focus on the task at the expense of the individuals in the team.

Action centred Leadership provides a great model for balancing attention to the task, with sufficient focus on the team, and the individuals within it.


The responsibilities of a leader-manager are to:

  • Clearly communicate the task and ensure that everyone understands the complexities and interdependencies involved.
  • Ensure that all individuals understand their contribution to the overall task, and to develop the skills and capability to deliver.
  • Help the individuals to work as a team and to collaborate with each other and with other teams to ensure delivery against performance targets.

We run short courses on leadership, and provide coaching for managers no matter how experienced they are.

To talk to us, call on 01223 691 621, email to or send us an enquiry.

Presentation Skills – key tips for confidence

  • Know your audience
    The order of priority should be: The audience. The message. The media. 
    When you know the needs of your audience, you can tailor the message accordingly; the right amount of technical information, the right level and so on. So ask questions. Brief them first (if you can) and listen to the feedback.
  • Be clear about your purpose
    What’s the point of your presentation? What do you want your audience to go away with: knowledge, facts, creative thinking, commitment to buy. Whatever it is, be clear before you start. It’s then much easier to measure your success at the end.
    Download the full ten Top Tips here

We run in-house and public courses on presentation skills for personal confidence. We also provide focussed practice and intensive coaching on a 1:1 basis – ideal when a particular speaking event or presentation is looming.

Time Management – If only we could manage time. Sadly we can’t, but we do have control over our priorities. Here are our top three tips for regaining control;

  • Be assertive – A necessary skill if you want to be in control. Manage the expectations of other stakeholders – and learn to say “no” skilfully
  • Urgent versus important - All too often we find ourselves working on the most urgent activities first, perhaps neglecting the most important. It’s a common organisational ‘task focus’.
  • Manage time stealers – Firstly identify them; some are of our own making (procrastination, doing the easy things rather than the important things), some are organisational (email culture, reliance on meetings), some are created by other people (badly managed meetings, interruptions).

  • Secondly, keep them under control; remove yourself from irrelevant email lists, limit email communication to certain times of the day, book meeting rooms to ‘get work done’ and if you don’t need to attend a meeting, say so.

We run courses on priority management and personal effectiveness tailored to clients’ organisations.

To talk to us, call on 01223 691 621, email to or send us an enquiry.



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