Team Development and Team Events 

How do I motivate my team? Here are just a few tips which we have seen work time and time again: 

  • Understand the factors that actively motivate such as responsibility and challenge, and the ones that simply need to be there and indeed de-motivate if absent like reasonable working conditions and pay. Look at Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation & Hygiene factors model on

  • Fix the quick wins - the broken fridge in the staff coffee room, the software that’s not compatible, slow servers or the on-line expenses form that doesn’t work. These things actively de-motivate people.

  • Celebrate successes in the team. Give praise to individuals and the group. Make this praise as public as is appropriate – one to one meetings, team briefings, newsletters, intranet, blog etc. Go out for lunch, buy cakes or do something fun.

  • Own your performance management system - Well defined objectives which challenge individuals, interesting work and recognition help people grow and advance their careers. Don’t underestimate the positive impact of a line manager who respects regular reviews, feedback and appraisals.

  • Learn the art of ‘constructive’ feedback
    Focus on what to do rather than what not to do and balance the developmental feedback with positive – it has more impact. Download the full top tips on giving feedback here.

Download the Helix Top Tips for team motivation here.

We help teams celebrate success, boost performance and have fun together. Why not call us about your team. 




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