Among the themes that commonly arise during coaching are assertiveness, influencing skills and career progression.

Very often becoming more assertive, learning how to influence those who matter and growing in confidence through coaching, have a direct impact on individual performance, credibility and career opportunities.

Here are some simple tips that we have seen work;


  • Learn to deal with conflict, rather than avoid it.
  • Know the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour.
  • Delegate effectively, don’t simply allocate tasks or abdicate responsibility.
  • Adopt the IDEAL model for delegating:
    • Identify
    • Decide
    • Explain
    • Agree / allocate resources
    • Let go!

Influencing Skills

Identify what will have most impact on those individuals you are trying to influence. Develop commercial awareness – know the business targets and the hard numbers, for your projects, your department and the wider business Network within your organisation. Build links with credible experts outside your organisation too.

Career progression

It takes confidence to make difficult decisions. Accept that you will make mistakes along the way. Discover more about Helix Coaching and have a read of our Top Tips for developing a coaching culture. 



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