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‘Biffing’ for those difficult conversations

Posted by Rachel Read on December 7, 2011

Giving feedback is a key skill for managers. Giving positive feedback for a job well done is relatively easy (although most us could do more of it more often). Much more tricky is giving ‘developmental’ feedback following poor performance, poor attendance, failure to do things that have been promised, behavioural issues, and so on. It’s all too easy to put this off because it can seem awkward or confrontational.

On both our leadership programmes and our public training courses individuals tell us how useful they find the following tool.  It’s a simple, structured approach and gives people the confidence to have that difficult conversation, to give people a ‘BIFF’; a timely challenge which is both justified and fair, and will lead the way to performance improvement:

Behaviour:  When you do x it has the

Impact of y  Which makes me / us

Feel… frustrated… let down… and in

Future I would like you to do z

Try it with other members of your team, your boss and your kids too…

Read more on the art of giving good feedback or call us for a chat. 

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